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Hello! My name is Namuunaa. I am15 years old. My goal is go to the Artek camp

Young Journalists for Smart and Useful Media Environment
International Open Media Production Contest

A Real Life Hero

*The once upon a time in ahappy forest filled with happy trees, there lived the happiest creatures the world had ever known: The Trolls. They loved nothing more than to do #sing and #dance and #Hug ... sing and dance and hug in everytime. Today was an especially happpy day in Happy children"s day in the Troll village. Princess Poppy was going to throw big party. Everyone was exited to celebrate- expect to Braich. He didnt like singiing, dancing, or hugiing . Instead he spent  his time worrying about Bergans. Long time ago the bergans had captured throlls andEATEN them! The Bergans taught that eating Throlls brought them happiness. Luckily, many of the trolls had escaped... until now. Princess Poppy's celebration was the biggest , loudist, craziest party ever! It was so loud that the Bergan Chef found where the Trolls had been living all these years. Most of the Trolls hide. but Chef was able to scoop up Poppy's friends. Meanwhile thanks to chef king Gristle would finally get to eat a Troll - and exprience happiness! Poppy had to save friends ! she convinced Branch to helo her. Fortunatelly Poppy lost all hope and her color started to FADE. The other trolls  lost their color, too-they turned gray and sadness. Suddenlythey heard a beautiful voice singiing. It was Branch! He told everyone how miserable he'd been until. Before long, all the sad Bergens were dancing and singing and hugging too.The Trolls had brougt happiness t sad bergens town. Trolls had a huge celebration. Poppy was crowned queen of the cheered. and after finally experiencing their true colors- the Bergens and the Troll now lived in peaceful harmony * So happily te end of my little poem. And I have a guestion. Who is Hero? What is heroic action?... There's an answer . Everybody is hero. and Heroic actions are my think:

   FIRST  Trust yourself and others

   SECOND Help to Weaker peole 

   THIRD  Volunteer and kind of friends, poor peole, elders,,,,



 If you want, you can do it, and If you do good deeds So Someone lift you up, and mirecle is being come for you! :)